Everything To Know About the 2023 Ford Maverick

Ford has officially announced the launch of its all-new compact pickup truck, the Maverick, for the 2023 model year. The Ford Maverick 2023 is a revolutionary vehicle, as it's Ford's first-ever hybrid pickup truck. It's also Ford's smallest pickup truck, which makes it perfect for city driving. If you are a car enthusiast who is always looking for new models, you have come to the right place. We will have a look at the 2023 Ford Maverick and list down everything you need to know about this exciting new vehicle.

Exterior design

The Maverick's exterior design is impressive and unique, combining the traditional truck look with a modern and sleek design. The Maverick's front fascia features a large grille and angular headlights that give it an aggressive look. The truck's sides have a simple, clean design with a few character lines to give it a little bit of flair. The rear of the truck features a tailgate that can be configured in different ways, including having a multi-position tailgate, which allows for various loading configurations.

Interior design

The Maverick's interior is practical and functional, with plenty of space for passengers and cargo. Inside the cabin, the Ford Maverick has spacious seating across two rows. Unlike many other larger pickups, the Ford Maverick has ample space for passengers and cargo, both having four doors. The giant can accommodate five people very comfortably. Moreover, you'll find a decent amount of space for storing small items under the rear seats. The cargo bed, measuring 4 feet, 6 inches in length, can load 18 sheets of quarter-inch plywood into the bed without having to load them at an angle. This is one of the most spacious cargo beds in this compact-sized truck.


The 2023 Ford Maverick is designed to be efficient and eco-friendly. The hybrid powertrain consists of a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and an electric motor that produce a combined 191 horsepower. The truck has a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) and comes standard with front-wheel drive, but all-wheel drive is available as an option. The hybrid powertrain is expected to deliver impressive fuel economy, with an estimated 40 MPG in the city and 33 MPG on the highway.


Despite its compact size, the 2023 Ford Maverick is a capable pickup truck that can handle a variety of tasks. The truck has a payload capacity of 1,500 pounds, which is impressive for its class. The Maverick also has a towing capacity of up to 2,000 pounds, which is perfect for towing small trailers or boats. The all-wheel-drive option makes it suitable for off-road adventures. You can load all your necessities in the cargo area, and a family of five can go on a road trip very comfortably. 

Trim levels

The 2023 Ford Maverick will be available in three trim levels: XL, XLT, and Lariat. 

XL Trim

The XL trim is the base model of the 2023 Ford Maverick. It comes with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder hybrid engine and front-wheel drive as standard. The XL trim also features an eight-speed automatic transmission, a 4.2-inch infotainment display, and cloth upholstery. Other standard features include a rearview camera, automatic headlights, and a six-speaker audio system. The XL trim also offers some optional features like power-adjustable mirrors, cruise control, and a towing package.

XLT Trim

The XLT trim is the next level up from the base model. It comes with the same 2.5-liter hybrid engine as the XL trim but with all-wheel drive as an available option. The XLT trim also features a larger 8.0-inch infotainment display, as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. Other standard features include keyless entry, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and Ford's Co-Pilot 360 suite of driver assistance features. The XLT trim also offers some optional features like a power-adjustable driver's seat, dual-zone automatic climate control, and a remote start system.

Lariat Trim

The Lariat trim is the penultimate trim level of the 2023 Ford Maverick. It comes standard with the same 2.5-liter hybrid engine as the other trims, but with all-wheel drive as standard. The Lariat trim also features a number of luxury and convenience features, such as leather upholstery, a 10-speaker audio system, and a power-adjustable driver's seat. Some other features include a larger 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster, a heated steering wheel, and a wireless charging pad. The Lariat trim also offers some optional features like a power sunroof, adaptive cruise control, and a 360-degree camera system.

Infotainment system

The Ford Maverick 2023 comes with an advanced infotainment system that includes a touchscreen display. This system is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto so that you can seamlessly integrate your smartphone with your truck's entertainment and navigation systems. The system also includes Ford's SYNC 3 technology, which provides voice recognition, real-time traffic updates, and a range of other helpful features.

Safety features

The Ford Maverick 2023 is packed with safety features that help ensure you and your passengers are protected on the road. These features include:

Automatic Emergency Braking: This system can detect potential collisions and automatically apply the brakes to avoid or mitigate an accident.

Lane Departure Warning: This feature alerts you if you drift out of your lane, helping you stay safe on the road.

Blind Spot Monitoring: This technology helps you avoid collisions with other vehicles by alerting you if there is a vehicle in your blind spot.

Rearview Camera: The Maverick 2023 comes with a standard rearview camera, which helps you see behind your vehicle and avoid accidents while reversing.

Wrapping up

Ford Maverick 2023 is an excellent pickup truck for your family trips, off-road adventures, towing, or loading needs. The exemplary features this truck offers, ranging from an attractive exterior, functional interior, mighty powertrain, and unique capabilities to a variety of trim levels, exciting infotainment system, and exceptional safety features, make it a perfect purchase this year. 

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